Monday, November 15, 2010


We are always on the lookout for new noms and ideas. So when I was in the checkout line the other day, the new issue of Shape caught my eye. It had Mariska Hargitay on the cover.

You know, Olivia Benson on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. It had a caption, "How I Cured My Crazy Sugar Cravings." I had to get it.

So I flipped to page 76 and eagerly read. What words of wisdom would she have for me? Would this cure my "crazy sugar craving." I read, and read, and never really identified what cured her. I handed it to my co-worker/ co-blogger/ bff and she read it. While we were both envious of Mariska's swim with the dolphins in Hawaii, neither of us found the word "cure" in the actual article. We are very literal kittens. We wanted it to spell out just exactly how one does "cure... crazy sugar cravings." The only thing we found that could be construed as her "cure" was the Clean Program. She claims that the book Clean, by Alejandro Junger, changed her life.

Have you heard of the Clean Program? We've heard of clean eating of course, but the Clean Program? Let me just say, if I adhered to the Clean Program, it would change my life too!

*DISCLAIMER*  If your following it, kudos to you. You are likely healthier than me and your skin probably glows, just like Mariska says her does.  And while I think eating cleaner is an excellent idea, the Clean Program just goes too far for me.  

Seriously, have you read the book or about the diet? We had not, but Go-Go Google, we did a little research. This article shows a daily/weekly menu. I knew by the 10 a.m. entry, the Clean Program was not for me. There are certain things I kind of omitted from my diet while I was on WW (Fritos & PopTarts come right to my mind). But the Clean Program's list of banned foods, is staggering.  I read this review (Starry1) of the book on Amazon and wasn't really sure what was left. Seriously.

So while I love Mariska and I appreciate the fundamental idea of clean eating, this kitteh will keep looking... the Clean Program is not the answer for me. I know that there are no "cures" or magical potions that will makes eating healthy simple, easy, or normal for me.  I know only I can make this change happen.  But a kitteh can dream and keep looking for tips on how to make it  more simple, easier and natural!   I'm hoping that the new WW program will be a great source of inspiration!


  1. THE KITTEHS! I got the email from Maria over at Chasing the Now about your new blog and I'm super pumped to be reading you guys again! I'm sure you'll totally rock the new WW program. I have faith! Looking forward to awesome kitteh hijinks and successful weight loss!

    <3 <3,

    The stray kitteh!

    (I know it says Averna, that's just my other online name. Don't worry, I'm really the stray kitteh!)

  2. Wow! Looks like she is almost starving herself. That diet is awful. I now have motivation to keep going after that even though my diet is hard enough to handle it is far from THAT!
    BTW Tyler sugests having to complex carbs on workout days one before workout like in the am for breakfast and one after the actually workout. Hope that helps some?