Friday, November 12, 2010

1st Official Post of the Not So Itteh Bitteh Kittehs' Committeh

If you read our profile, you know we are Weight Watcher's Lifers who have slipped.   It didn't happen overnight.  It slowly crept up on us.  One pound here, one pound there.... and now, well, there is that old familiar self-loathing because our jeans are causing a....


So what are kittehs to do?  Get back on plan of course.  We know Weight Watchers works.  When we did WW we did 110%.  I mean we were poster children for WW.  We were the success story.  But, once we hit goal and maintained for about 6 months, we became slackers.

Well, actually we became slackers, with chips.....

So when we read the article on CNN about  new Weight Watcher's Plan, we started feeling a little motivated.  When we found out it kicks off in the US on November 29th, we were even more motivated. I mean come on, finally WW will not penalize fruits!  At goal we had very few points.   A 2 Pt. banana became a luxury we could not afford.  A banana should not be considered a luxury.  Cheezypoofs, Oreos, and M&Ms,  now those are luxuries!

When we  started WW in 2008, we started a blog.  When we started slacking on the diet, we started slacking on the blogging as well.

But, with the changing of the leaves, we are feeling a change in the air as well. 

We are recommitting to WW, to a blog and to the Anti-Muffin Top Movement. 
 We hope you will join us!  

We really do research things.

We take weight loss and healthy living seriously.

And we are honest in our journey. 
 But you should know, 
 we do try to have fun along the way too!


  1. I am here to follow you on your journey. I also know weight watchers works! Done it many time actually. The first time losing 40 pounds. Then I had three more children, tried it again and lost 20 on my own. After slacking again for a few weeks, luckily not gaining any of that 20 I lost back I seeked out more help. A personal trainer. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn't run if my life depended on it. I will get there though :)

  2. Okay, I'm here to follow your journey. Such cute little "kittehs," how could I not - being a kitteh lover myself! So, here's to WW or whatever works to help us to our goals and KEEP us at our goals. MEOW and Purrs.